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You do not need a referral from a physician or other for counseling, therapy or treatment with us . All inquiries are treated confidentially . All services have strict confidentiality. In case you need to cancell your appointment , you must give us an advance notice of minimum 48 hours prior to the fixed appointment. 

Sexual problems are frequently the cause of a relationship that is not working or fading away. So it is important to talk confidentially with a professional, either together or separately.

Some may have such a troubled relationship with his or her sexuality that they do not dare or want to go into a relationship.

Often, very concrete yet simple advice can give a rather positive twsit towards sexual issue and provide better mastery in the situations. Other times it might need more thorough conversations to uncover, unlearn and relearn new sexual attitudes and behavior.

To get the best possible relationship to own sexual  it is an unconditional advantage to know their own (Sexual) arousal pattern and love pattern. Through conversations and your own observations, we want to make you aware of this pattern and use it to your and your partner’s best.

Sexuality is also about communication, feelings, attitudes, arousal, excitement, ability to give and receive caress, intimacy, physical and mental concentration on their own and their partner’s pleasure, release and relaxation. To get the best sex, all these factors work in an often complex interplay between the partners. About one of the factors is missing or is performed incorrectly in relation to their own or their partner’s firing pattern, the lust absent. Then it is important to find out what is the trigger and try to bridge the gap between the parties.

For us it is to talk about sexuality as natural as talking about the weather, recipes and new nod-credit facilities. There we hope is contagious so we not only can jointly solve a problem, but that you also get an equally developed language when communicating about sex with your loved ones when you talk about all the other areas of life.

60 minutes : 1200 kr
 Couple 60 minutes : 1300kr